**Please visit our staff page for more specific pricing.** 

Haircut, Blow-dry and style: (Women, Men, or children)          
Includes consultation, shampoo, haircut and blow dry or curly set style.

(additional charges may apply for longer or thicker hair ** Please see our staff profile's for more detailed pricing.)

$46– $110

Add a Flat Iron Finish or Curl Iron Finish to Haircut:


Curly Cut, wash and set: (75 minutes)
Finally a haircut made for you! Visit one of our Deva certified stylists for a dry curly haircut, wash, and curly set. Your curly hair is then left to dry under a hooded dryer to give you the look of a curly frizz free air dry, then broken and adjusted one last time by your stylist prior to ensure your curls are laying just right.

$61 - $110

Very Short, or no wash and blow-dry cut:
We don’t specify men’s or women’s cuts here, but for very short hairstyles without excess bulk, or for that curly client who needs more than an express trim, but no need for extras this is for you.

$35 - $70

Bang Trim: (not available to book online - existing clients only)
This 15 minute service is available to men and women who need a neck cleanup or bang trim.

 $15 – $25

Express Trim: (not available to book online - full haircut required in between express trims)

$28 - $52

Deep Conditioning Treatment Add-on:

$20 and up

HAIR COLOR -and texture services -





Please check out our staff page to familiarize yourself with our level system and pick a stylist based on their brand, experience, and pricing. Our level 1 stylist have 1 - 2 years experience and are fairly new to the industry while a level 8 has 15+ years experience.         

Color Consultation: $25 for the consultation goes towards your booked color service.  This gives the stylist and client a chance to meet and decide if it is the right fit based on the clients needs, pricing, timing, and mapping out a clear plan. Please call the front desk to set up your color consultation.





Consultation for Extensions Tape-in or Premium:

Get the hair you have always dreamed of. With more body, length, or even that full fringe section you have never been able to grow in the past.  Our certified great lengths stylists will explain to you all of your options, as well as maintenance and cost options which work with your budget.

The cost for a a stand alone consultation is $50, which can go towards any future extensions appointment you may book. If you choose to book your extension appointment on the day of your consultation, and are ready for us to order your extensions, we will take 50% down that day instead of the $50 deposit.


We will not apply hair that has been purchased from another salon or store.  


If you are interested in booking a wedding style or wedding party either in salon or out of salon please email:

Shampoo & Round Brush Blow Dry:

$35 and up

Add Flat Iron or Curls to your Blow Dry:


Special Occasion Updo (non-bridal):
Does not include shampoo and blow dry

$50 – $125

Bridal Updo

$95 and up

Onsite Bridal Stylist
$100 travel fee per stylist to travel to the bridal site. If you would like a stylist to stay after all updo’s have been finished to touch up bridal hair an hourly fee may apply