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Drew Nolan - Level 2 Stylist (Color only)

How long have you been doing hair?

Since 2016

What is your education and career background?

"I'm from Jacksonville, Florida originally. I received my education and license from the Aveda Institute in Jacksonville. While attending school I was also a salon assistant taking additional classes in color education at the beachfront salon Frangipani. A year later I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan and became a color specialist at an Aveda concepts salon. I relocated to the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City with my boyfriend in February of 2019."

How would you describe your work?

" I love working with blondes and creating a low maintenance look to make my clients feel they were born with it! Coloring hair is my passion, and I love finishing my color services with a beach wave look."

What are you most passionate about in your career?

" I love making my clients feel like the best version of themselves when they are in my chair. Also I love educating my clients on proper at home hair care and styling tips so they can create their own salon worthy look at home."